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Proudly Serving: Sacramento, Grass Valley, Chico, Stockton, Fairfield, Oakland, San Jose, Santa Rosa, Napa, Clear Lake, CA and Surrounding Areas.

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Proven History | Discount Metal Panels | Sacramento, CA

Proven History

Whether it’s metal panels and structural components, flashing, roofing, metal RV covers or boat covers, Discount Metal Panels has a wide array of building products and solutions. For more than three decades, we have built a reputation for quality in the products we supply, as well as experienced project planning and assistance.

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Quality Construction | Discount Metal Panels | Sacramento, CA

Quality Construction

Designers and building owners are making increased use of metal panels and metal siding, as well as steel, aluminum, tin, corrugated and galvanized variants. Discount Metal Panels insists on stringent quality control and workmanship in the metal siding and roofing products we manufacture and install.

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Easy Ordering | Discount Metal Panels | Sacramento, CA

Easy Ordering

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Discount metal panels, Inc is a diverse design, engineering and manufacturing firm. We manufacture roll formed panels for metal roofing, siding, and trim. We also manufacture structural light gauge framing components, CEE beams, ZEE purlins, and framing parts. We design and manufacture boat and RV covers, steel and portable mini storage buildings, and other engineered products.

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Whether for functional or aesthetic reasons, sometimes it’s preferable for roofing to have that weathered look when it’s installed.

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Proudly Serving the Following Areas:

Sacramento, Grass Valley, Chico, Stockton, Fairfield, Oakland, San Jose, Santa Rosa, Napa, Clear Lake, CA and Surrounding Areas.

Financing Available

Financing Available


Discount Metal Panels can not only provide the building metal, roofing panels and other products for your metal construction project, we can also assist you in bringing this project to a successful conclusion. Our design services are backed by decades of experience and knowledge when it comes to designing steel buildings, metal roofing and siding. We can oversee plans, specifications, and scheduling, Making certain the job is manufactured on time and within your budget.


Planning and execution are the two most important steps to metal structure engineering in Sacramento. Our engineering services include scheduling, creating an optimum construction plan and providing all of the equipment necessary to complete your roofing and siding projects, or to build your boat cover, RV cover or metal building. While other contractors charge an additional fee for building engineering and foundation design, we include these services in our building price.


Our roofing/siding experts can assist you in the design phase, offering advice on how to best achieve your project goals. We can also work with you on your boat covers or RV covers, designing a structure that provides protection while looking great as well.

Permit/Wet Stamped Drawings

Discount Metal Panels can guide you through the permit process, and provide code-compliant drawings wet stamped by an engineer.

Fire/ Setback

We can research any setback requirements for your project, including any fire-related location restrictions as specified in the building code.

Let us assist you with your next metal/roofing/siding project. We are confident you’ll discover how the Discount Metal Panels service is different from other manufacturers, as is our commitment to your satisfaction.

Please feel free to contact our staff with your questions/needs.